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Data visualisation is an important visual method for effective communication and analysing large datasets. Through data visualisations we are able to draw conclusions from data that sometimes are not immediately obvious, and interact with the data in an entirely different way.

Get an introduction to big data visualisation

This free online course will provide you with an informative introduction to the methods, tools and processes involved in visualising big data. It has six elements:

  1. Introduction to visualisation
  2. Information visualisation
  3. Scientific visualisation
  4. Visualisation tools
  5. Design approaches for visualisation
  6. Visualisation for communication

Visualise real-word big data problems

We have designed the course around case studies from different fields. This way, you will be able to identify visualisation application areas and learn how to produce visualisations that help you to better understand real-world big data problems.

We will also take the time to examine briefly the use of visualisation throughout history dating back as far as 17,000 BC.

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