We’re a community of students and teachers sharing the world’s best STEM learning-experiences.

We’re hunting down the best new Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math opportunities and inspiration, every day. It’s a place to discover and share, as well as  explore career paths.

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So, what can I do on TryIt?


• Create Collections  “…it’s like Pinterest for STEM experiences”

Teachers have been creating ‘class collections’ of videos, learning tools, events, and career profiles to share with students.  Students can build collections of scholarships, internships, and other opportunities related to their interests and career prospects. You can add a link to your collection anywhere, including a school webpage. It’s incredibly easy. Here’s how:


• Help us hunt down and share the best opportunities and resources 

The experiences you see on TryIt have been contributed by our community of students, teachers, and volunteers. Help us find the best in STEM and share it with the world. To get started, simply head to ‘Suggest a Post’.



• Upvote your favorites

When you upvote an experience, it gets added to your profile page. Most people use it as a ‘favorites’ or ‘save for later’ collection.

upvote-mx-screenshot-forweb                 upvoted-tryit-screenshot-forweb


By the way, we’re always looking for ways to make TryIt better for students and teachers. Feel free to drop us a line at info@enscholar.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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